Privacy Policy


This document and the terms “we”, “us” or “Finesse Chauffeurs” refers to the company and website ( whose registered address is: 11 Ash Close, Par, Cornwall. PL24 2HD.

The collection and use of personal data, is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Data Protection Act 1998. Finesse Chauffeurs are “the data controller” (section: 1a),

To provide an efficient service, we collect the minimum of data. This information will be asked from you at point of booking or enquiry and may be passed onto third parties (drivers) to complete your request for travel, including but not limited to (section 2c);

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone numbers

This information is gained via booking forms, invoices, quotes and copies are sent to you for your information, along with our terms and conditions. All information we receive is given freely by the client(s) and can be withdrawn at any time (section 6b). All withdrawn information is destroyed.

Finesse Chauffeurs use the term “client”, “passengers”, “you” or “customer” to refer to the user of our services or viewers to our website.

Any changes to this policy will be updated and published on our website. Copies via email or letter form are available on request.

Collection and Use of Personal Data

Finesse Chauffeurs utilise Google Analytics on our website. This information is correlated from our website designer and developer and us via google adverts;

First Class Web Design Ltd, 73 Menear Road, St Austell. PL25 3DG.

The information obtained is

  • Clicks to the website, repeat clicks,
  • Location regarding Country, or general areas (no specific IP address)
  • Number of visits to pages
  • Frequency of visits
  • Dates and times of visits
  • Source of referral

The legal process of this information is to improve our website and to identify areas where advertising may be beneficial. No personal information is obtained or maintained in this process.

To provide an adequate, effective service, Finesse Chauffeurs are required to collect the following personal data;

  • Full name
  • Billing Address
  • Email
  • Telephone number

This data is required, for the legal basis, to enable an effective booking to meet the clients needs and to communicate before and during the journey. Following the journey this information is not used for any further contact unless requested by the client or with prior consent.

Further information is collated, given freely by the client, to provide the service. This information in addition to that above is;

  • Head passenger name
  • Number of passengers*
  • All collection addresses*
  • Routes of journey, including additional stops requested
  • Flight / Cruise numbers and specific terminals / cruise ships*
  • Boarding times
  • Date and Time of travel*
  • Any specific health needs or assistance required, such as walking aids, oxygen cylinders or wheelchairs to accommodate in vehicle.
  • Amount of luggage*

(* – minimum information required to carry out an efficient service)

Some of this data may be passed onto third parties, such as another driver or service provider to ensure the travel is provided in a timely manner. Where possible this information is limited to those specifically required to carry out the job. No payment amount or bank details are passed onto any third parties. No health details are passed onto any third parties, only the information of additional luggage, this is just to ensure adequate room in the vehicle and maintain client and driver safety.

The legal process for obtaining this information is to ensure the contract requested can be carried out to the clients and our satisfaction.

Information captured on our external invoicing system is accessible by the following people only;

  • Mark Hollis (owner, Finesse Chauffeurs)
  • Nicola Hollis (PA, Finesse Chauffeurs)
  • Paul Miller (Accountant) –
  • Xero –

Processing Payment

Finesse Chauffeurs collect data for all payments made to us and those we make as payments sent. Transaction data includes;

  • Name of card holder
  • Card Number (debit/credit)
  • Card expiry date
  • Three-digit security code
  • Postcode (used to prevent fraud)

Transaction data is handled, but not stored by us. This is processed by a third-party service, Square. (section 2h. iv)

The transaction appears through our bank statement as a payment from Square with only a reference number and a total amount deposited. The legal basis for this information is to process the contract between us and the client. No credit or debit card details are kept on record or given to any third-party outside Finesse Chauffeurs and Square through to our bank.

Santander Bank –

Where possible we avoid reading the card details out during our phone calls, you may be asked to repeat the details yourselves, to maintain security. We do not ask or advise sending details via email or social media accounts, that we cannot verify security for.


All communication with yourselves, by email, phone calls, letters or text is kept enabling our services to meet your contract needs. None of this information is sold or given away to third parties for the use of marketing or for financial gain. We avoid requesting data or banking details via email, to prevent fraudulent activity. All data is collected with the sole legal basis of providing effective communication to provide our services and contractual obligations.

Retaining / Deleting Personal Data

Your personal data once processed will not be kept for any longer than is necessary to fulfil the service provided by ourselves, or third parties, legal obligations.

All collected data for invoicing and payments made, are kept for a minimum period of 6 years from the last financial year (audited section: 2h.iii). Communication to request travel not undertaken is deleted within 6 months of receiving.

Any data required for legal or defence claims in court will be kept for a period to extend over this process in accordance with the law.

Your Rights

You have a right to request and access information that Finesse Chauffeurs holds on you. This can be requested via phone, written letter or email and we are bound to remove this data within 30 days of receiving your request. Unless we are bound by other legal implications. These will be explained at this time (section: 5c).

You have the right to request withdrawal and removal of any information we hold on you at any time.

If removal of this information, causes a break in your contractual obligations, for example travel is unable to go ahead, a cost may be involved (loss of deposit or payments made). No other rights will be affected.

Proof of identity is required for all and any changes to personal data we hold on you for your own safety and security of data.

Our usual terms and conditions are not affected by this process and do not in any way indicate any links to the GDPR or this privacy policy.

Finesse Chauffeurs reserves the right to cancel or refuse travel if we believe any individual is putting themselves or other clients at risk of a non-compliance with our privacy policy.

EEA Transferring Data

Finesse Chauffeurs work with clients outside of the EEA, however we do not directly share information with them other than those corporate companies, such as the banks and IT and cloud provision, marketing, professional advisory services and administration that have shown a minimum of adequate level of protection of your personal data in line with the data protection regulations. (including but not limited to; 2a, 2h.iii, 2h.iv, 3b, 3c.i, 4b)


To withdraw consent, please contact our data point of contact;

Mark Hollis
Finesse Chauffeurs
11 Ash Close, Par, Cornwall. PL24 2HD
01726 810804


Finesse Chauffeurs – Last updated: 06/08/2018